Trends Are Leaning Towards Choosing to Custom Print Clothing

The best part of the product is that it will be original, and set the wearer apart from the rest of the public. For anyone that is considering, it may help to check out the following steps and then get busy creating products that are like no other.

Step One: Choose the Product

There are plenty of products to choose from no matter what type of company one goes through be it a physical store or online only type of store. They also come in all colors of the rainbow. Some of the common items offered other than t-shirts are:

· Hoodies

· Sweatshirts

· Hats

· Tank tops

· Polos

· Bags

· Sweatpants

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what one can have personalized. Be ready to be faced with many decisions! When in doubt, many simply go with custom screen printing t-shirts. T-shirts come in basic style, V-neck, and scoop neck, as well as many fits for men, women and children.

Step Two: Pick Artwork

Once the product is chosen, it’s time to settle on artwork. Most companies that are custom screen printing t-shirts have a large database of clip art that can be placed on the shirt. It can be centered on the front or back, over the pocket or even on the sleeve. If the buyer wants to supply their own artwork it can often be arranged as well. As long as there are no copyright issues anything can be put on to a t-shirt, and it can be printed in any color.

Step Three: Choose and Arrange Wording

Fonts are just as plentiful as artwork, whatever font is desired it can be used. Comic sans, Helvetica and times new roman are a few of the most popular. They are often all displayed in the business or on the website. The wording can also be anything one chooses, and be in any color.

The experts that are creating the custom screen printing t-shirts will often let the creator know if they believe there will be an issue with the design. They’ll suggest similar options so that the buyer can choose.

Step Four: Get a Quote and Order

Once all decisions are made and the design is set upon the t-shirt, it will be sent to the customer for approval. Any changes should be made right away so the order can be placed and completed in a timely manner. Usually it takes about two weeks for an order, but it will depend on the size. If the order is for a group it may take longer, but the bonus is that most places will offer discounts for bulk orders. This is awesome not only for people but also for people that plan to sell the finished product.