Planning a Budget Friendly Wedding That Looks Amazing

Cut down on customizations

Customized products are often more expensive than regular products. For example, votive candle holders with the couples initials on them are more expensive than plain candle holders. Cutting back on a few custom designed items here and there can lead to couples saving a lot of money in the long run.


Brides that simply cannot imagine the big day without their initials in gold italic lettering on the candle holders can take a more cost effective route and simply decorate them at home. Craft supplies often cost less than paying businesses to customize products, and this can be a fun way for all the bridesmaids to get to know one another.

The internet is full of creative DIY ideas that can be used for centerpieces, bouquets, refreshments and other areas that are must haves.

Couples can save a bit of money by doing as many things as possible themselves. For example, self-catering buffet style receptions is becoming more popular, handpicked flowers can replace hiring a costly florist, and simple crowns of flowers can adorn the flower girl’s hair. Another great idea is to make invitations yourself instead of ordering them.

Local businesses

Instead of hiring a top rated photographer, search for a local photographer. Freelancers are often cheaper to hire, and they will still capture every gorgeous angle of Wedding dresses. If a close family friend is looking for work, this is a great opportunity for couples to save money and help out a small business or freelancer.

This same rule applies to all of your suppliers. Small catering companies, freelance artists that can design invitations and freelance bakers that specialize in cakes are all suppliers that can save quite a bit of money.

Compromise where you can

Every couple has things that they simply do not want to compromise on. If Wedding wedding dresses are a must have, save money in other areas to make sure that Wedding wedding dresses fits within the budget. Other couples could care less about Wedding wedding dresses, but insist that a top notch catering company is the only way to go.

Make a list of must haves and areas that can be compromised in. Then, start cutting corners on everything that is not a must have.

Cut back on the guest list

Small, intimate gatherings are becoming more popular, particularly among frugal brides. The less guests there are, the less seating is required, the less food couples will need and so on. Friends that have not been seen in at least a year can be cut off of the guest list. If potential guests get offended, simply explain that a small, intimate event of closer friends was preferred.

Frugal does not have to mean cheap. In order to plan a frugal event that does not appear cheap, take the time to follow some of these tips. Remember, making something look amazing or planning a memorable event that will impress every guest does not always require a lot of money, it often just requires a little bit of extra time.